Assembling Aluminium Vertical Profile Screen

Product profile:
Raw material: Aluminium profile at 125x50x3mm,
Length: 2000mm (or customized),
PVDF supplier: Dulux,
Color: Orange, grey and light blue,
Feature: Assembling with 3.0 folded aluminum sheet, fixing with stainless steel rivet.
Package: Wooden cases,
Project location: Australia

Product Details


1.High plasticity, can be made as flat, camber or spherical shape

2.Perfect surface flatness and smoothness

3.Excellent in weather fastness and corrosion resistance

4.Good fireproof and waterproof property

5.Even coating, various colors

6.Easy to process ,easy to maintain.

Product information:

Factory show:

Quality Assurance (Inspection Certificate Authority)

(1)Components of space frame will be tested by National Space Frame and Steel Structures Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.

(2)The related test reports will be submitted to you with shipment.