Aluminum Modeling Plate

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Customized aluminum modeling plate is very special shape, we produce according to clients' drawing, colors are optional, they have good decoration effect. Our this product was used to Sanya Beauty Crown project.

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Know more about aluminum panel! 

A. It is gradually developing into the powerful  product in building decoration industry, is widely used interior or exterior  curtain wall. 

B. It can be 100% recycled, environmentally,  unlike glass, stone, ceramic or other decorative materials. Aluminum panel is  a good choice for decorative materials. 

C. Light weight, high strength, Simple  structure, installation is very easy. 

D. Resist shock, water-proof, fire-proof,  anti-dirt and corrosion resistance with the best performance in resisting cold  and hot. 

E. Flexible processing, colors and sizes of  panel are customized, it can be easily processed into corner, arc or even  double-curved sides.

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About us

Jinhui, the brand founded in 1996, is one of the  earliest domestic manufacturers of aluminum curtain wall. Jinhui has two  factories, one of them in Foshan Guandong, another in Suizhou Hubei, with total production area of 55, 000  sqm, annual production of 1.5 million of aluminum plate curtain wall, 20 years  of focus on production. Main products cover single aluminum plate, interior  aluminum ceiling, marbled aluminum boards, wood grain aluminum panels,  honeycomb aluminum veneer etc. And other energy-saving easy recycle new  decorative materials. 

We have world's advanced metal sheet production  lines and two automatic surface treatment production lines that imported from Taiwan & Japan. In Foshan production base is  equipped with A Shape plate processing line that dedicate to produce  special-shape sheet. Hubei base equips with  a flat and cutting production line from Belgium. Jinhui special-shaped  aluminum and double-curved aluminum process has been enjoying a good  reputation in domestic and international market.