Double Curved Panel

Hyperboloid aluminum panels In some cases, architects have designed arc, hyperboloid, and spherical shapes to reflect a certain decorative effect.

Product Details

These shapes, in the processing of aluminum sheets, a single arc shape is better handled and can be directly realized by using a three-roller. The hyperboloid and the spherical shape are two-dimensional and three-dimensional arcs. Since the three-roller can only form a one-dimensional arc, it cannot be directly processed by the three-roller machine. To process the hyperboloid and spherical shape aluminum plate, it can only open the mold. Mold forming, but the mold forming cost is high, the cycle is long, if there is no special need, in order to reduce the cost and shorten the construction period, on the basis of not affecting the decorative effect, it is necessary to simplify the design, using a simplified method can achieve this First, the purpose.