Decorative Screen Panels

Decorative screen panels are made of high-quality metal, engraved specific patterns by advanced CNC machine according to customers’ needs. After bending, welding, grinding, washing and spraying various color on the surface, the carved panels become a piece of artwork, impressed people with different pattern designs via different splicing ways.

Product Details

We offer aluminum products according to customer design drawings.

We are one of the leading manufacturers of Aluminum Curtain Wall Co., Ltd in China. And we have more than 20 years of experience in this industry of business. 

Our factory

Welcome to visit our factory.  Aluminum sheet processing, we are professional.

We export to many countries, quality and delivery times have been recognized by customers.


It is our aim to ensure the pre-sale, sale and after-sale service, which has increasingly become the basic requirements of our customers demanding for the company. we continue to optimize the internal management, improve staff awareness of service and a series of measures to make every user can experience a Jinhui our service motto: Meet your needs and give you the best service. In addition, We have established a set of sales, service and one of the strong maketing network. The company's new product and service can be a timely and comprehensive manner to reach the market and users and has formed a complete product development system and network operating system.