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Aluminium Modeling Panel

  • Aluminum Modeling Plate

    Aluminum Modeling Plate

    Product profile:
    Customized aluminum modeling plate is very special shape, we produce according to clients' drawing, colors are optional, they have good decoration effect. Our this product was used to Sanya Beauty Crown project.

  • Profiled Aluminium Vertical Fin

    Profiled Aluminium Vertical Fin

    Product profile:
    Assembling aluminum vertical fin for building decoration, aluminium profiles are fixed on aluminum panel, then powder coating or PVDF painted, they make your building amazing.. As a manufacturer, we provide you a high quality product with competitive...

  • Special Shape Aluminium Louvered Facade

    Special Shape Aluminium Louvered Facade

    Product profile:
    Aerofoil exterior aluminum sun louver for building facade, there are many advantages, such as acid-resistant, fire-proof, shock-proof, weather fastness, PVDF spray finishing, durableness.

  • Assembling Aluminium Vertical Profile Screen

    Assembling Aluminium Vertical Profile Screen

    Product profile:
    Raw material: Aluminium profile at 125x50x3mm,
    Length: 2000mm (or customized),
    PVDF supplier: Dulux,
    Color: Orange, grey and light blue,
    Feature: Assembling with 3.0 folded aluminum sheet, fixing with stainless steel rivet.